Sahand Pouya Industrial Group

Manufacturer of crushing, granulating and mineral processing machines

Sahand Pouya Industrial Group is working on designing and manufacturing crushing and mineral processing machines and reconstructing and equipping metal and nonmetal mines.

This group commenced its activity in 2011 aiming at organizing and localizing the manufacture of mining equipment and machinery, and considering its work experience in recent years in manufacturing various products, has played a significant role in the country’s mining industry. Through forming a research and development department and transferring the latest technology from leading companies in this field and by establishing a capable engineering technical department equipped with modern software, Sahand Pouya Industrial Group has been able to create the potential to compete with prominent European brands.

Enjoying high technical and engineering capacity and modern equipment in recognizing special needs in equipping as well as providing expert suggestions based on valuable experiences gained in various projects and with full knowledge of Iran’s mineral lines according to its comprehensive work resume Sahand Pouya Industrial Group has been able to provide a transparent andaccurate picture of consumer needs with free consultation.

Products of Sahand Pouya Industrial Group

Cone CrusherCS-36

Flat-deck Vibration Screen

Cluster cyclone
Roll crusher

Evo Wash

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Sahand Pouya Industrial Group

Having a specialized and experienced staff and to attractcustomers’ satisfaction, Sahand Group quickly dispatches the technical staff toall areas of the country to meet your needs and quickly launch and operate yourpurchased machine.

This industrial unit issues a valid warranty for its products atthe time of concluding the contract for customers’ comfort and peace of mind,and expedition in fulfilling all its obligations is its top priority. To thisaim, all parts and machines produced by this group have a warranty between 6months to 1 year with up to 10 years after-sales service in the warranty ofthis company.

Providing parts and guaranteeing after-sales service asoon aspossible is one of the main tasks of the Sahand Industrial group and dear customerscan benefit from the after-sales service of this group for 10 years.

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متن تست

Company after-sales service and parts support

شكی نيست توسعه و پيشرفت تكنولوژی در دهه آغازين هزاره سوم مجالی براي تامل و پافشاری درحفظ وبكارگيری روش های منسوخ وسنتی بخصوص دربخش صنعت نبوده و وظيفه ملی هرايرانی است كه با به كارگيری قوه ابتكاروخلاقيت ذاتی خود با هدف خودكفايی وهم سويی بادانش وتكنولوژی روزتلاش نمايند.

انواع کودپاش ها

كودپاش های مكانيكی

انواع سمپاش ها

سمپاش سوارشونده

انواع خاک ورزها

خاک ورز مرکب حفاظتی

Warman Slurry pump 10/8

Warman Slurry pump 8.6

Warman Slurry pump 6.4

Warman Slurry pump 4.3

Sahand pump 8/6


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